Ask SisterMerryHellish – Star Wars Edition

A few days ago I challenged you to challenge me and, as usual, you did not disappoint!

I’ll have to break it up a bit to do it all justice. I’ll do my best.

Shall we begin? Let’s start out easy-ish.

Andrea from A Little Bit Rock N Roll asks:

Which Star Wars character is most like you?

Personally, I’d say R2D2. We’re both short, roundish, completely under-estimated, unexpectedly useful, chronically misunderstood, occasionally provide comic relief and clean up nicely for special occasions.

But, why speculate when I can get a definitive answer from an reliable source? An internet quiz!

According to Quizfarm’s Which Star Wars character would you be? quiz I’m:


I’m flattered and kind of agree. Kinda. Just a little around the edges. But certainly not dead on. Which is good because I would totally tap that and how twisted would that be? Tapping my own ass.

Which brings us to Andrea’s next question:

Which Star Wars ALIEN do you find sexy?

I need a little clarification here. Are we considering aliens to be a different species or can they be human but from another planet? Han Solo was from Corellia and Lando Calrissian was from Socorro, but they’re both human.

You can understand why I’d ask, right?

Nevermind. Even if they qualified they’re too obvious.

Alright, sexiest Star Wars alien goes to…Aayla Secura, the Rutian Twi’lek Jedi Master.

Strong, confident, a light-saber wielding Jedi MASTER and, well, just look at her!

Also, she’s blue…which I think is sexy as hell.

I’ve got an uber-smitten girl crush on her and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Or the level of geekiness this post reveals.

To answer Andrea’s last question:


Chicken butt. Duh!

So, tell me, what Star Wars character is most like you? Which one do you find sexiest?

You think about it and leave it in the comments while I work on answering the rest of your questions.

It’s only going to get weirder from here.

You’ve been warned.

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8 Responses to Ask SisterMerryHellish – Star Wars Edition

  1. Eva Gallant says:

    Awww I pegged you for Princess Leia!

  2. Knight says:

    Umm… I’ve never actually watched Star Wars. Does Space Balls count?

  3. hoodyhoo says:

    OOOOOOOOH, Master Aayla… you may in fact be hotter than the green Orion stripper chick from Star Trek….

  4. Andrea says:

    LOL! Well played. And Obi Wan is hot. So is Aayla, I mean, blue wins for sure. I used to make my mom put my hair up in Leia buns though, so I think I’d still pick her as who I’d want to be. But that doesn’t mean she’s most like me. I’d probably pick R2 too — definitely soul twins! 🙂

  5. You know R2D2 would totally raise alpacas!

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