Do I Have To Turn In My Wookie Fan Club Card Now?

How, in the HELL did I not know until TODAY that May 4th is Star Wars Day?!  And it’s not like this just happened.  It’s been going on for years!

Clearly the 4th AND the force have not been with me.

I’m very disappointed in myself.  Dirty even.  And not just I-stepped-in-another-pile-of-Ewok-pellets dirty, I mean full on, balls to the wall, I-just-realized-I kissed-my-brother filth!


In an attempt to distract you from your *tsk,tsk-ing* me I give you two of my favorite videos. 

Go.  Watch.  These ARE the videos you’re looking for…

Feel better?  I know I do! 

And it’ll be easy to remember next year.  My birthday, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo!  It’s a calendar trifecta!

Forgive me, and may every 4th be with you!

PS:  You can have my Wookie Fan Club card when you pry it from my cold, dead, hairy hands!

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16 Responses to Do I Have To Turn In My Wookie Fan Club Card Now?

  1. I totally missed it. I was lost in the chocolate fountain of my mind.

  2. Elly Lou says:

    You and Osama….

  3. Tom G. says:

    “Give me penne arrabiata or you shall die a death by this tray!”

    My goal today is to use this line on someone at work.

    – Jeff Vader

  4. pattypunker says:

    that eddie izzard one is classic! i needed a refresher of it.

  5. Ranndomized says:

    If I’m being honest, I had no idea until yesterday when I kept seeing ‘May the Fourth be with you” (which had me going ‘what the F is up with these people?’). Then I saw that Google had some Star Wars cartoons on their main page, so I checked it out and was thus, educated🙂

  6. Makya McBee says:

    At my house we celebrate Star Wars Eve every year by putting out [clever Star Wars reference] by the [slightly more clever reference] and hanging the [last reference] by the chimney with care.

  7. hoodyhoo says:

    I didn’t know either — I thought y’all funny bitches was making shit up again!

  8. Andrea says:

    I just showed my sis the Eddie Izzard video the other day, all while snorting hysterically as she just looked at me with an eyebrow raised as if I’d just lost my mind. I love that shit.

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